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Field Support Suite
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Field Support Suite

Delivering Unified IT Solutions

Movement of Personnel

Standardizes and automates the MOP request process for all categories of staff for inter-mission travel on a single platform.

Field Access Control Suite

A centralized security solution for managing access to UN premises for both UN & non-UN personnel.

Aviation Information Management Suite

Encapsulates end-to-end support of all aviation business processes in ATS, SAOC and Field Missions; centred on the core business; the operational planning and execution of civilian, military and unmanned UN flights.

Uniformed Personnel Systems

Provides end-to-end Human Resource Management capabilities for the recruitment, selection, tour-of-duty, rotation and separation of uniformed personnel.

Accommodation Management System

Automates the processes of planning, requesting, approving and managing accommodation resources in Field Missions.

Education Grant Intake Module

Automates and expedites the workflows associated with processing and certifying grant claims and advances.

Cargo Management System

Provides a standardized, centralized, electronic solution that allows Aviation/MovCon operators to better manage cargo movements within and across UN Field Missions.